Hand Wash

Got em all

Wasn't sure which stick you threw so i got em all and a ball.



eye on you

I have my eye on you

Excuse Me

Not a phase

Please Sir

Please Sir, No Touching the Dog...

My Friend

Will You Be My Friend?

A Hug…

A Hug... Makes Everything Better.

Gets chicks

My dog gets all the chicks


Tired. Just Tired.


Hi There! ! I'm GET-DOWN-NO! What's your name?

hold still

Hold still!! You got a spot there


I See Boogers

alright ladies

Alright Ladies! Who Wants A Kiss First?

Save a Dog

When you save a dog - A dog saves you

new dad

Are you my new dad?

walk yourself

You're going to have to learn to walk yourself, I'm busy here.


Extreme Cuteness More ACTIVATED!

whole life

He might only be here for a part of your life but for him, you are his whole life

past the park

"I can't believe he just drove right past the park"