them all

Just one Like?

behind me

It's behind me Isn't it..?

throw itself

Well, It's not going to throw itself

Dog Toys

My $50 Dog Toys Just Aren't As Good As His Socks

Off The Couch

Off The Couch?! Thanks, But No Thanks Mom

I Hate Spiders


Yippee! Its Friday!

shopping list

It wasn't on my shopping list but it was so cute I had to have it!


Hop-hop-hoppy Easter

the heart

A Loyal dog is the heart of any home.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs. Armored Hot Dogs.

Stand Back

Stand Back! I Got This!


Caught him trying to pickpocket my purse

The Reason

The Reason why dogs don't live as long as people according to a six your old

Father Son

Like Father, Like Son


Everyday i'm snugglin'