Throw it

Please throw it 3,000 more times.

A Treat

Him? No, he doesn't want a treat he says i can have two

Stop Abuse

Only A Coward would Hit a Dog Stop The Abuse

I’m Cute



I see you've changed into your pajamas and got comfy I have to pee

Hate Mornings

I Hate Mornings.... But for you, I'll Gladly Make the effort to get...zZz...Zz

Make a mess

I Dont always make a mess but when i do , i sit like a boss while you clean it up.

Love Forever

I will love you forever

Street Dogs

Street Dogs deserve to live! They are not less worth just because they are Street Dogs - Stop Animal Cruelty worldwide

Behind Me

It's behind me Isn't it..?


Im telling you, im not a pitbull my - my mom said im a princess and mom is always right!

Smiled once

I Smiled once My face ached for a week

Being Shot

Statistics show that animal abusers commit less abuse after being shot

Beware of dog


Dinner Time

According to my calculations its dinner time

still love me

Will you still love me when I am old?


i am the kind of person who says hi to dogs

They fits